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Becoming a Dealer

You can become an Antique Depot Dealer too! We are filled up but we have a waiting list for when booths or shelves open up. The Antique Depot has 4 levels: A main floor, a downstairs, an upstairs, and a top third floor. Nearly all of these levels still have nooks and crannies. Inquire at the Antique Depot front counter for more information and a tour of the Antique Depot or email us at:, call (410) 750-2674, or just stop by and have a look around. Below are profiles for some of the dealers at The Antique Depot.


William Pearce moved to Baltimore in 1979 to attend Graduate School in Social Work. Upon receiving his MSW he promptly married Anne Gerber and after 30 years of marriage 3 grown kids and a career as a Social Worker and later Business owner, Southern Sign Supply, Inc. William started Buying, Selling and Fixing vintage musical instruments.

He has expanded his interest and created, "MANTIQUES"... vintage items for the man room, William's display is featured in the front Window at Antique Depot (see booth # on the first floor). William also runs an Estate Sale and Auction service called REDISTRIBUTION. Mantiques can be cound in booth #101 on the first floor and in the front window.


At Classic Plastic Bricks you will find:      

  •  Fill a bucket of Lego      
  •  1000's of Lego parts      
  •  100's of Lego Mini figures      
  •  Make your own Mini figure      
  •  Retired Lego sets      
  •  Custom Lego sets      
  •  Custom made Mini figure parts and accessories      
  •  1000's of Lego Mini figure parts and accessories      
  •  A huge Lego train and Lego city display that is over 10 feet long      
  •  And more!!!!

    We are your one stop Lego shop. We buy and trade lego items. We are always looking to buy any and all Lego items. If you have some Lego items that you would like to sell or have some old Legos that you would like to trade in for new ones, please email us.

    If you need one Lego brick, one pound of Lego or one mini figure we have got you covered. With our inventory of Lego the possibilities are endless.


    George's Oldies Collectables etc. (found in showcase L) sells vintage beer cans, glasses, clocks, boobleheads, Coca-Cola, Ravens and other sports memorabilia.


    Items sold at the Scorpion Den (booth #104 and #105 on the first floor) include the following.

  • Medieval Items (including swords, knives, shields, maces, morning stars, axes, helmets, and chain mail)
  • Military Items (including gas masks, bayonets, swords, knives, pineapple and baseball grenades, and tactical axes)
  • Martial Arts Items (including sias, stars, throwing knives, nun chucks, and staffs)
  • Hunting camping, hiking, and air soft supplies
  • Large collection of 1960-1990 GI JOE
  • Everything from 1960 1970 MR. PEANUT items to Baltimore Ravens items
  • PLUS .... all types of other miscellaneous items and collectibles. If you have a request we can check our collection


    We have housands of books and hundreds of smalls--many tchotchkes in small frames. Nationally strong holdings in children's series books (all formats) and literature (many modern 1st editions). Thousands of misc. children's books (all formats) and many unusual and varied volumes in Non-fiction. Hundreds of cookbooks and related to tantalize taste buds.

    In short, everything for the reader and the collector. Formerly of Taylor's Antique Mall, now expanded many-fold. Look for us on the 3rd floor of the Antique Depot.